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Silvirank Stainless Steel Floor Lamp

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Careen modernism diligently forward with the Silvirank Stainless Steel Floor Lamp lighting series. Fashioned to symbolize overflowing vessels of abundance, each Silvirank Stainless Steel Floor Lamp shade cups while simultaneously releasing light to your room. Each shade comes fully adjustable in all directions and is made of steel which is coated white on the inside, and black on the outside. An organic piece with a avant-garde design, surround yourself with this inspiring series that promotes abundance and light-filled optimism. Perfect for modern, contemporary, and transitional environments. Set Includes: One - Silvirank Stainless Steel Floor Lamp Floor Lamp
Valex Floor Lamp
$96.00 /Month
(3 month min)

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Center your focus with a blaze of light designed to convey bursts of energy while illuminating your entire room. Whether you create a festive atmosphere with colorful or classic white bulbs, Valex Floor Lamp brightens every corner in this floor lamp brimming with endless possibilities. This is an inspiring piece that serves its functional tasks admirably. Set Includes: 1 - Valex Floor Lamp Floor Lamp
Katha Floor Lamp
$106.00 /Month
(3 month min)

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Liberate the light of plenty with the Katha Floor Lamp Floor Lamp. Escape the fetter and illuminate to abundance with a piece that artfully blends steel, fabric, and pine wood elements. Katha Floor Lamp’s external mesh casing is made of iron-tinted solid steel and brass nails for added effect on the trim. The internal drum shade is made of cream-colored fabric. Katha Floor Lamp is positioned on a solid pine wood and black coated steel easel-style tripod stand that further enhances the creativity of this piece. Katha Floor Lamp is well suited for rustic, ranch, vintage modern, industrial modern, and other transitional decors. Set Includes: 1 - Katha Floor Lamp Floor Lamp